For the past 12 years, Eddie has appeared in numerous hit TV shows including; a Series Regular on UMC's hit show BRONX SIU, which was the Indie Series Award WINNER for best Cast in a Drama Series 2020, a Recurring role on GENERAL HOSPITAL, Guest Starring on DWIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR, 

HENRY DANGER, Co-Starring roles on AGENTS of S.H.E.I.L.D., WESTWORLD, LUCIFER, S.W.A.T., CHUCK, TRUE BLOOD, THE MENTALIST, TRUE DETECTIVE, THE CATCH, CSI:NY opposite Gary Sinise, and a Guest Star on GRIMM, portraying the Mauvais Dentes Creature, where he was featured in Entertainment Weekly and voted #1 best villain by COMPLEX.COM and DENOFGEEK.COM.

Eddie has also shown his immense action prowess in blockbuster films such as; LOGAN, X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER, STAR TREK: INTO DARKNESS, GANGSTER SQUAD, AMERICAN FIGHTER, and REAL STEEL....


If there is any question about passion, dedication and the determination needed to be a successful performer in the entertainment industry, look no further. It’s hard to believe when you see Eddie nowadays, but he used to be that fat, bullied kid, sitting alone in the lunchroom, getting things thrown at him. From seeking advice from whoever could help, educating himself with books and diet/fitness articles, to learning how to cook, Eddie transformed himself into the man he is today to better serve his dreams of being the leading man on screen! His inspiring story landed him articles in Men’s Health Magazine, BroBible, VT,  Unilad, and his insight about the evolution of the male action star was heavily featured in Vanity Fair Magazine.

Man Of Action

Being a Physical Actor and Doing the Action

What sets Eddie Davenport apart from other actors, other than his 6’3’’ athletic frame and the  leading man look, is his specialty with physical acting. A performance infused with adrenaline which provides audiences with the knowledge that the actor can actually do the things his character is depicted on screen doing. We see examples with blockbuster actors such as Dwayne Johnson, Harrison Ford, Tom Cruise, Jackie Chan, Charlize Theron, and Keanu Reeves, to name a few.

 It is vastly important to cast actors, such as Eddie Davenport, who are actually invested in the action scenes and who want the audience to have as much enjoyment as possible. Eddie also has the great ability to be relatable and show vulnerability, so the audience actually cares about what is happening to the character on screen. An actor that is unwilling to get involved with his own characters action sequences puts a strain on the director. It causes them to incorporate more cuts and angle changes to his/her vision than perhaps they originally planned on. This can be very frustrating not just for the director, but also the audience.